On Site Valet

Do you like a Dirty Story?

We hear them every day, its amazing how bad some of the cars we work on are.

From gloss paint to a lot of things we’d rather not mention, pet hairs to insect infestations and even snails, we can and have cleaned them all.

We will clean any vehicle from a mobility scooter to a large panel van, both inside and out.

Most people that use our services use our full valet option to give their car the fresh from the showroom feel, however lower priced options are still available. See table below for details of services available.

Care Level Full Valet Mini Valet Re Clean / General Clean Wash & Wax Wash & Leather
Wash & Leather
Glass cleaned
Interior Vacuumed
Door panels (interior)
Seat runners
Air vents
Plastics restored
Door seals cleaned
Door seals restored


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